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Dz˵SP Max ScherzerSS Trea TurnerSP Danny DuffyĽף

Ϊʲôǵģɱܸ – ǰɱ – ӶкܶࡣݳƷ˰κǮʮڶھͷε½СΪʲôŶռܶ˲ţܹڲũϵͳ²ȡľٶԭ

ǵļ¼˵ʲôӵĺܶⶼˡⲻֻ – ˹͡÷Dustin Mayڱɣ١ФClayton KershawŵѧIl Il Il׸Trevor Bauer – ҪǣλֿCorey Seagerֻμ37ƵϡָCody Bellingerֻμ45ңҲֻμ45ҵеУ»ģMookie BettsŵݣILϻ˼ܵʱ䡣ˣȻֲи

ڣǽScherzerӵתTurnerСû̸ɣTurnerijɫ – йͬԡѾ28ˣMVPѡһ96У18ݴ21Ļأ.322/.369/.521бߣ146OPS+4.1 BwarλֱȻתƵڶݣÿ˹̩գChris Taylor˶ֳɫΪ޼۵ıƣDuffyDZ֮ԱĿǰŵݣILӦ9»Ʋһɫıߣθ˱ֽܻ10´ţƳ

Scherzer, of course, is a free agent after this season. Turner has one more year of arbitration and then is eligible to become a free agent after the 2022 season. That gives the Dodgers a little security if Seager leaves as a free agent this offseason, though it seems like the club will try and retain his services long-term.

Who they added: OF Joey Gallo and 1B Anthony Rizzo (plus others, separate deals)

Why theyre here: Remember how the Yankees lineup used to be predominantly right-handed? Not anymore. Lefty hitters Gallo and Rizzo have combined for 39 homers this season. Lots of teams were after Gallo, and but the Yankees got it done by offering a premium four-prospect package, which meant the Rangers were willing to take on the rest of Gallos salary for the year. That allows the Yankees to stay under a luxury tax threshold. Same thing with Rizzo and the Cubs; the Cubs are footing the money in exchange for a better prospect package.

The short porch in Yankee Stadiums right field might not benefit Gallo hes prone to prodigious home runs but it could do wonders for Rizzos power totals.

Oh, and they traded for lefty starter Andrew Heaney. His FIP (4.05) is much better than his ERA (5.27), which is reason for the Yankees to think hell perform better down the stretch, and his 10.8 K/9 is solid, too.

Who they added: SP Kyle Gibson and RP Ian Kennedy

Why theyre here: Yes, they needed rotation and bullpen help. No doubt. So theoretically adding pieces to both elements of the pitching staff is a good idea. But Gibson doesnt seem to make a ton of sense for the Phillies. Hes a contact guy, compared to most starters out there, which is why his ERA (2.87) is significantly better than his fielding-independent pitching number (3.75). His strikeouts-per-nine ratio of 7.49-to-1 ranks 40th of 54 pitchers in baseball with enough innings to qualify for the ERA title.

ķѳ˷زǺܺã¿˹ڳȡоѵؾȻһСȥеERAΪ7.79ȻǷãǷ˹£Spencer HowardһѵƲӣڹȥУÿ27ǰΪ27λڴ˼ݸֽɫҲûܵѳǵķذ

ǵõ˭SP J.A. Happ and SP Jon LesterĽף

ΪʲôȻȱȨHappJohn GantԱڳ֡ңȻDzκδǰ״һ.500 MarkŶһǿġ

ǣһ38Ͷ֣ȸأ1.5721.586ڹȥ14οʼʱERAERAΪ8.74ȷĶˡ Happڹȥ14еʱ8.74а7µ9.22 ERAǵġ

˹أLester37꣬HappãⲢһļѵľưɡڽ165.02 ERA/ 75 1/3֡ڹȥУERAһ7.11 ERAνеδʹľ֡